Areal og transportplanlegging

Nordisk_rapport_ForsideDenne rapporten skal være en kartlegging av tendenser innenfor areal og transportplanlegging i de fire store nordiske hovedstadsregionene. Det skal være et journalistisk stykke arbeid. Derfor presenteres de ulike sakene som oppslag og med en nyhetsvinkling. I all hovedsak har  arbeidet blitt gjennomført i løpet av september og oktober 2010.

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Areal og transportplanlegging Del 1
Areal og transportplanlegging Del 2

Arctic ahead! EU, Greenland and Finnmark

For people living in sparsely populated areas like Hammerfest future job security is of the utmost importance. However, perhaps more than anything else here, the lesson of history is that there are no guarantees even if the resources are more or less just outside your door. Much of the production of oil and gas in the North Sea is offshore, and with further technological developments this can also become the case for the High North.

Last ned pdf: Journal of Nordregio no 3, 2008


European Space 2020 Planning, energy and transport

A key element in this issue of Journal of Nordregio is the discussion over the future of the European space, which definitively includes the megapoles of this continent. In the lead article Professor Klaus Kunzmann agues that the periphery is not only the area far or further away from the cities. In fact, the periphery can be the poor suburbs, the banlieues, as they are called in France, just outside the city centres.

Last ned pdf: Journal of Nordregio no 2, 2008


Some Nordic examples – Globalisation and Innovation

Many would argue that the world at present is riding high on a wave of globalisation. Many would also argue that like all good things, there is an end to this, or maybe not? Could it simply be that with so many inhabitants, with transport relatively accessible and cheap and with political liberalism seemingly triumphant that globalisation is here to stay? In other words, that globalisation is a constant process proceeding at different speeds.

Last ned pdf: Journal of Nordregio no 1, 2008