The Arctic goes urban

Journal of Nordregio no.2 2011All over the world and also in the Arctic there is a clear tendency of urbanisation. Ownership to dwellings is also gradually changed from public to private. A housing market is established and Greenland is one example. In Russia, at the Kola-peninsula, the standard of flats in the Krutsjovsky styled blocks is increasing. The owners invest in their flats. A few people are building large villas while many are leaving the region all together. Jobs are fewer and the economical advantages of living in the High North are reduced. Attention is also paid to the growing housing-crisis in Iceland in the Journal of Nordregio no 2-2011, which has just been published. This will also be the last issue of this journal to be available in a printed format.

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Europan energy challenges

In this issue of the Journal of Nordregio we draw attention to Europe’s energy challenges and the possible scenarios that flow from them: Urgent measures are needed to help the most vulnerable regional economies, mainly located in the Eastern part of Europe, to cope with rising energy prices. Remote regions will have to prepare for higher prices for long-distance travel and air transport. This could easily have a negative impact on overall price levels and tourism, which is often important for local employment. Further, the European coordination of policy instruments on the local, regional, national and EU level to enhance access to energy efficiency measures should be improved.

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Areal og transportplanlegging

Nordisk_rapport_ForsideDenne rapporten skal være en kartlegging av tendenser innenfor areal og transportplanlegging i de fire store nordiske hovedstadsregionene. Det skal være et journalistisk stykke arbeid. Derfor presenteres de ulike sakene som oppslag og med en nyhetsvinkling. I all hovedsak har  arbeidet blitt gjennomført i løpet av september og oktober 2010.

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Areal og transportplanlegging Del 1
Areal og transportplanlegging Del 2

Nordic rural policies – The future of CAP and Coehsion Hi-rise developments in the Baltic capitals

How are rural defined by the Nordic countries? What is the EU-definition? What are politics of Nordic rural development? The new issue of the Journal of Nordregio has as the recent development in rural policies in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. We also predict likely changes in the EU’s Common Agricultural Policies as well as Cohesion after 2013. In the last section of the issue just out we bring you updates on the debate on high-rise development in the Baltic capitals.

Last ned pdf: Journal of Nordregio no 2, 2010